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Taylor Swift as Rosemary in “The Giver”



OMG I’m feeling so emotional rn


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Swifties: not a lot going on at the moment

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taylor: *breathes*
fandom: OHMYGOD IS THAT A HINT FOR ALBUM 5???//??????//?

Taylor Swift talks playing Rosemary in The Giver!

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I’ll bet that when you see The Giver, you’ll come away haunted by several things. One of those things will be Odeya Rush.

thatguyswiftie13[Taylor] came out and I was screaming that I loved her and if I could get a picture with her and she was like “of course come over!” And then she hugged me and I was shaking so badly so she was like “do you want a selfie?” And I was like “yeah” but I was shaking so badly so she was like “here let me take that” and so she took the phone and took a picture and then she was like “haha I have long arms.”

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7/14/14 (x)

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